How to make your outfit look more expensive

There is one thing that I have noticed during my years working in the fashion industry – all women want to look like a million bucks regardless of their budget. Saying that your makeup, skin, cosmetics, nails, etc. are truly the canvas for your wardrobe. So how to achieve simple yet sophisticated look with out spending a lot.

BEAUTY COMES FIRST ;-The importance of perfecting your hair and beauty regime and to learn basic makeup techniques that’s suits you can make a huge difference to get the waw look without trying hard and to look effortless and well groomed – no gimmicky makeup and hair tricks as they tend to look cheap” Keep it simple”. The Gorgeous Kerry Washington can be a perfect example. Do you want to steal her look.. Tell us what you think of this look.




1,Necklace ₤7.99 http://www.h& 2,Babylis curl tong ₤20.00 3,Blazer €69.99



1,Chiffon blouse £14.99 http://www.h& 2,Mood pearl set €12.00 3,Smashbox BB cream €34.00 4,Black jeans £45.00 5,Rimmel london nud delight 700 £3.00


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