THE PEAR SHAPE  Women 

beyonce--z There is something so graceful about this Silhouette, which combines femininity and sensuality. 

  •    Wider hips and thighs
  •     Narrower shoulders
  •    Defined waist
  •    Wider bottom
  •    Smaller bust  

To create that body balance the pear shape woman should take  Emphasis away from the hips and draw it to the top half of your body. As bikinis are separate tops and bottoms they can be mixed and matched using design, pattern and color to create that perfect bikini for a pear shaped woman.Halter neck bikini tops are best for pear shape body; It will give anIllusion of bigger bust and broaden the shoulder as well. Perfect to create cleavage that will draw eyes up top.Since you’re smaller up top, use a print to draw attention Upwards. Keep the bottom dark  and solid, and it will perform an Amazing trick of the eyes and make you look smaller overall.Avoid heavy fabrics and lining or padding on the bottom part  .Here are some ideas that will help you to pick your perfect bikini and look fabulous on your holidays .






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