Seaweed naturally absorbs or metabolizes their nourishment from the sea.

As a result seaweed contains countless minerals, vitamins and beneficial ingredients in high concentrations. In fact no plant known has a comparable quantity of minerals and vitamins.

When seaweed is steamed it produces amazing luxurious oils, these oils (complex polysaccharides, proteins, minerals and vitamins) are naturally suspended in the water and as heat has opened the body’s pores, these oils are readily absorbed.

The experience is highly sensual and thoroughly relaxing. Seaweed baths have been a great attraction for years, often used as a way of relaxing, relieving pain and in more modern times as a great way to unwind and de-stress. Which I always look forward to try one day except I had tried a seaweed body mud, which was an amazing experience & I will love to do it again. That is due to the detoxifying effects of the Seaweed and the effects of its high mineral content.

It is also an amazing conditioning agent for the skin and hair. It is also used as a treatment for cellulite and has anti-aging capabilities.

In general Seaweed is amazing detoxification for the body; I think we all know that seaweed is one of the main ingredients to make sushi.

Saying that, I recently replace seaweed with bread; making sandwich, wraps and simple sacks. I even start to see a big change on my weight and its less time consuming and most importantly extremely delicious so I thought I will love to share this simple, healthy and tasty recipe.  I hope you like it and let me know if you try it and don’t forget to leave a comment & to subscribe.

Stay beautiful



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