Perfect poached eggs without poacher


Poaching eggs is a healthy way to prepare eggs, since you don’t need butter or oil to cook with. Here is the method I use when I Poach eggs, I really enjoy them .Perfect for breakfast or they Can be served for lunch with salad .

Method:-  Heat about three inches of water in a saucepan until the water is boiling. Crack an egg into a cup or saucer and then gently slide it from the cup into the boiling water. When the whites are solid and the yolk is just starting to harden, lift the egg out of the water with a slotted spoon. If you like the yolk a bit harder leave it a bit longer check regularly b/c if you leave it longer that couple of minute ,the yolk will get harder that it Should be for poached egg . Serve with smoke Salmon and Avocado perfect for weekend branch .

Enjoy and share with  us if you have other healthy way of cooking  an egg.



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