seaweed 2


If you like to eat lasagna every now and again but you are tired of the guilt,
Well your not the only one. That’s why I came up with this delicious idea of lasagna
without the HEAVY pasta sheet. It might not be suitable for everyone specially if you
Don’t like seaweed but believe me, it is worth the try.

• Seaweed Sheets
• Olives green & black pitted
• Code fillets – Skinless & Boneless
• Frozen long Green peas
• Ginger
• Red onion
Measurements can be based on how many people you will be cooking for:

Fish seasoning: -Lemon juice, ginger, coriander powder, ground black paper.

Instructions: –
Soak finely sliced cod fillets into seasoning for Marinating purposes for 10 min covered.
-Pre-heat oven 150c
-Grease base of casserole dish with olive oil width of Seaweed.

1. Grease frying pan with palm oil on low heat bring to mid heat.
And place cod fillets (sliced and marinated) onto frying pan each side for 3-5min

2. Place 1st layer of seaweed onto dish as follows

• Line up sliced olives to cover the sheet

• Layer the green peas on top of the olives

• Remove 1st row of code fillets from frying pan and place over the green peas to then cover with 2nd row of seaweed sheet.

3. On top of the 2nd layer of seaweed add a bit of olive oil and then the sliced ginger to cover surface of the sheet

• Add sliced onion over the ginger

• Place cod fillets on top of the onions, pour the fish seasoning over the seaweed sheet for its absorption.

• Cover fillets with red onions and the final seaweed sheet

• Place into the oven for 10-15min on 200-220c

In the mean time bring water to boil in a saucepan add squeezed lemon juice, cocoa cube or vanilla essence (measurements are optional to taste)

Put 1 cup of Couscous in a bowl add 2 tsp of coconut flakes
Then Add the Couscous mixture to the boiling water and cover until the liquid is fully absorb.

Once all liquid is gone add a little soya milk to the Couscous surface to keep the Couscous soft, remove from heat and keep covered.

The seaweed lasagna should be ready remove from the oven and slice as desired serve with the Couscous.

ENJOY and let us know if you try our seaweed lasagna or if you have similar recipe.




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